Cathodic Protection

2011—Port Pirie South—Georges Corner TWM Upgrade Cathodic Protection

Project Value: $100k

TEC Contracting was engaged as the principle contractor to upgrade three cathodic protection systems. Works included demolition and commissioning, civil works, cathodic protection with the installation of a new anode bed, electricity supply and service and telemetry systems upgrade.

2010—2011—Port Lincoln Cathodic Protection for Various Water Mains

Project Value: $350K

TEC Contracting was engaged as the principle contractor. Works included installation, documentation and testing of test points. Associated cabling, bonding and wrapping of insulated joints, locations of submains and stop valves, etc. Locations and protection of existing services, excavation of roads, footpaths etc, including restoring and removal of all excess material and equipment.

2008—2009—Minlaton Installation of a Cathodic Protection System

Project Value: $200k

Works included trenching, civil works, installation of test points, TR unit and   anode bed. Valve wrapping and electrical isolation of water main and at Minlaton.